Why choose us?

Our clients put their trust in us

Many clients regularly turn to Berwick Partners to support their senior recruitment. Why do they choose us?

We help to define the role

Our Consultants are seasoned search professionals in their chosen sector or function. They will challenge your assumptions and bring valuable industry insights to help you define each role and create a job specification and candidate profile.

We minimise the time you will need to invest

Our rigorous process uses a combination of research, personal contact and networking to identify, assess and validate the best possible people. Our clients only invest their time in meeting the highest-calibre candidates. All of the administration associated with interviews, assessments, offers and rejection is taken care of by us.

We make the right decision

Each assignment is managed by an experienced Consultant who will help you to assess each candidate. Our Consultants’ broader market view can provide a different perspective, helping you make the right decision.

We provide continuity

Many of our Partners and Consultants have been with the firm almost since inception. We thrive on long-term relationships and enjoy helping our clients recruit talented senior people.

We deliver value 

The cost of a poor hire can be significant. Quality is crucial to us; we constantly review performance and client satisfaction.

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The quality of the services we provide is directly impacted by the quality of our people. We invest heavily in their support and development and we are proud of the strength of our team. 

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Our added value

Selecting the right recruitment partner is vital. Berwick Partners has a long heritage and a reputation for helping our clients locate senior leaders with the right combination of skills, experience and cultural fit to drive your organisation forward. The reasons are simple. 

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