The Netherlands has been playing a large role in global trade for a long time and has extensive experience in transport and logistics. Besides her geographical advantageous location, it has a good infrastructure with ports and hinterland connections, world-class logistics services providers and efficient customs authorities. The Netherlands is the 'Gateway to Europe' and resides at the pinnacle of the handling of physical goods. 

The port of Rotterdam is the largest European port when concerning goods- and container transhipment and is still growing. Amsterdam takes the 5th position and is the largest transshipment port of cocoa in the world. Airport Schiphol is third place in Europe with regards to the handling of air freight. The Netherlands has more distribution centers than other European countries, and supplies lots of added-value services. The Dutch logistics sector also plays a large rol when considering the hinterland of Europe. The Dutch transport by road is around 24% of international freight transport in Europe and an increasing percentage of the goods are being transported by inland shipping and rail towards the European hinterland. 

The Netherlands plays a large role in the import of goods from all over the world to Europe, as well as the export of products towards global destinations. Logistics is determinative for the succes of sectors like high tech, horticulture, agrofood, chemistry and energy. For companies in these sectors good logistics are determinative for being able to deliver on time, their reliability and (inter)national market position. 

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