Energy & Utilities

The Energy and Utilities industry is in an era of transformation. This is driven by changing customer behaviours, fluctuating policies and regulations in renewable energy, disruptive digital technologies and innovation and competition. This in turn has led to Energy and Utilities companies rethinking customer strategy and re-designing business processes. They are also having to build a more flexible, agile and integrated application infrastructure and react to the impact of digital disruption and emerging technologies on the traditional energy retail model.

This has led to a demand for brave and innovative leaders, from both inside and outside of the Energy and Utilities sector, who can support this cultural shift in the current and future energy market.

Our capability

We are regularly mandated on the ‘hard to fill’ assignments where there is a real need to identify key talent to support the sector in its transformation. A business is only as good as its employees and in the highly-competitive energy and utilities industry, hiring and retaining top talent is a vital role in which we excel. 

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